Arts of the A.M.

the various mediums of Alanis de Miranda

The Dream of Mia Regina

Yes a million over but this one.

Oh Everest my everest
My cinder blocks and mortar
As I admire through strokes and colors know that I adore her.

I gave her voice to call for me, she does and the sound of it excites
I gave her legs to walk to me, she does and my wonderment ignites

Oh Everest my Everest
My cinder blocks and mortar.
I'll shave colors of her likeness
Just that I may store her.

Charisma leads like her own red carpet
Speaking oceans well before she
And yet lowering her head just enough and just to speak to me.
She says

"A good night a good night
You tested and blessed man
Let me confess to you my all in the all that I can.

I give you my thought and blanket because you shape my heart to do so.
I give you my bright eyes and laughter because you shape my arch to do so."

And with only one kiss like bells around her lips my eyes were opened into open odes of bliss.

Oh Everest my Everest
My cinder blocks and mortar.

Yes a million over but this one.

So the Darkness

She kept my eyes wide while a new life was sparked inside them.

So I made her my lover and we the 2 laid together.

With a bag draped over her shoulder she arrived homeless to my door.

So I, along with my home, welcomed her and we the 3 laid together.

She eventually unpacked that bag and in it she kept an obscure darkness.

So I adopted her darkness as our own and we the 4 laid together.

It seemed the more I decayed the more beautiful the darkness.

So I, along with my home, made that darkness our lover and we the 3 laid together.

I seduced and was seduced into uncommon deaths.

So into the coffin she followed me and we the two laid together.

In our coffin we laid as slaves spawning more than our share of death.


The Dream of the Wave

Their souls were held by bandages

so they played and hadn't focused.

The waters arose till the daylight closed

yet they stayed and hadn't noticed

 I feared the hell, I cried "the swell!"

but when my angel spoke their voices trailed

"Be calm"

"Be calm," he said.

And to my side the waters fell.

Into the beyond the soulless were solely swept away like ants.

but all of those who kept their chance

played atop the limbs in beautiful shapes of dance.