Arts of the A.M.

the various mediums of Alanis de Miranda

Dumb Dog

If your dog is getting picked on by another dog, you know you can't teach your dog to turn the other cheek or as some say; "kill them with kindness."  Your dog is not intelligent enough to understand that love is greater than violence. Because of this, you only hope that your dog stands up for itself and the other dog stops pestering him or if the situation is more serious and possibly detrimental to your dogs well-being, that your dog kills the other dog.
In the possible case of the latter your relief and pride would be understandable. But in the overall truth of God and the program of earth, as the more intelligent and powerful being, it's your responsibility to step in and execute a plan to dissolve the situation or prevent even the possibility of such a situation occurring. 

Man the Animal

Is there any point in separating the animals? Will we waste time of a precious life getting in-between sides of raging animals? Is there any point in killing the animals? Will we waste precious space just to bury all their bodies? More importantly will a cage actually rehabilitate them or after death do they actually just re-spawn?

The sad truth about these questions are that the use of the words time and space are interchangable. In life they waste precious space and in killing them is the waste of precious time.


Too Much God

Too much of God or the search of God is detrimental to your machine and ultimately your environment. This ancient search is why God did not want us to become more than we were. Too much information will overload your system and force your machine to default back to your primitive fears and desires. You will use your modern intelligence to kill what you fear and kill for what you desire. Not realizing that there is truly nothing in this life to fear or desire. It is a farce. Your intelligence and primal desires will infect each other. Your desire will call upon your intelligence for the quickest answer and the answer will always be to eliminate the problem.
How much of God and human is a healthy ratio? You must first find your own limitations because we all have different levels of desire and intelligence. You do this by living, observing, and making mistakes. Learn what seems to be your threshold without going too far. The overall answer like in most situations is balance.